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Nani Marquina Tres Outdoor Rug

Driven by the desire to transfer the warmth of interior spaces to the outside world, Nani Marquina created the Tres Outdoor Rug Collection. With the absence of walls and delineated rooms, the rug becomes the perfect resource to define and create comfortable outdoor environments. 

A set of vibrant textures combined with different thicknesses and fibre blends, ensures an optimal aspect is maintained while bringing warmth to open-air spaces. 

Made of 100% recyclable PET, an easy-to-clean material that works well indoors too.

Designer: Nani Marquina, 2016
Manufacturer: Nani Marquina
     5'7" x 7'10" (170 x 240 cm)
     6'7" x 9'10" (200 x 300 cm)
     8'2" x 11'6" (250 x 350 cm)
     9'10" x 13'1" ( 300 x 400 cm)

Available in custom sizes for $49 per square foot.

Contact us, we'd love to assist with your order.

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