nanimarquina Doblecara Rug by Ronan Bouroullec

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Doblecara Rug by Ronan Bouroullec for nanimarquina

Reflecting a spirit of geometry with subtle linear and intermittent strokes ending in a blurred point, Doblecara creates  a sense of movement in the viewer's eye.

Ronan Bouroullec designed Doblecara as a reversible rug for both sides to be enjoyed. The primary side shows the design with the most personality where its bright lines emerge from the dark background in their maximum expression, thanks to the different pile heights between techniques, while the reverse side is more subtle and delicate, where the dark tone stands out together with soft light strokes.

US quickship options available in the smaller sizes.

Designer: Ronan Bouroullec, 2023
Manufacturer: nanimarquina
    5'7" x 7'10" (170 x 240 cm)
    6'7" x 9'10" (200 x 300 cm)
    8'2" x 11'6" (250 x 350 cm)
    9'10" x 13'1" (300 x 400 cm)


  • 100% handspun Afghan wool
  • Hand-knotted Persian + Kilim techniques
  • 49,600 yarns per meter squared
  • 12mm pile height

Also available to order in custom sizes for $103 per square foot.

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