nanimarquina Ilse Crawford Wellbeing Mazari Cushion

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Nanimarquina Ilse Crawford Wellbeing Mazari Floor Cushion

Each Wellbeing heavy Mazari Cushion is made of undyed Afghan wool, lined with cotton, and filled with cork.

Wellbeing is a collection of comforting textile products designed to support the human experience with a focus on tactility, materiality, craft and quality. Using traditional techniques and crafted details, Wellbeing embraces a connection to the senses to add warmth, softness, and comfort to indoor environments.

The Wellbeing collection uses hand spun Afghan wool, nettle, jute, linen, Tussar silk as well as cork, wood, raw wool, and raw cotton carefully sourced by nanimarquina’s team, as close as possible to where the pieces from the collection are produced, using traditional craft techniques and local artisans with whom nanimarquina has worked with for years.

Designer: Ilse Crawford, 2019
Manufacturer: Nanimarquina
Dimensions: 2'6"x 2'6" (80x80cm)

Handloomed of hand-spun Afghan wool, 100% cork filling.

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