Skargaarden Djuro Batyline Lounge Chair


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Djurö Lounge Chair with Batyline Seat and Backrest by Skargaarden

Well hello there, you stylish Scandinavian! This piece is flirting openly with pretty much everything from Danish 50's and 60's teak icons to Swedish 90's minimalism. Yet at the same time it has a very distinct look of its own.

Designers: Matilda Lindblom, 2012
Manufacturer: Skargaarden
Dimensions: 30.7"w | seat width: 20.4" | 24"d | seat depth: 19.6" | 27.5"h | seat height: 13.7" | armrest height: 21.6"


  • FSC-certified A-grade Teak. Oil annually to retain its original look or allow to patina slowly to a beautiful grey
  • Durable Batyline Duo textile from Ferrari. Weather resistant textile specifically designed to cope with all weather conditions.

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