Skargaarden Viken Chair


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Skargaarden Viken Chair

When Gunilla Norin desiged the Viken in 1983, she wanted a practical and comfortable chair for her balcony. So, she made one. Viken is the very essence of an idea that in hindsight is so obvious that it seems so simple: overlap the slats, so the seat can be folded. But the structure is unusual, because it is made entirely of wood. There are no screws, frame, or metal rods. What you see is what you get. And what you see is teak!

For the past thirty years, the imitations, the copies, and the mimics have come thick and fast. Some believe that it's the most copied of all chairs. And that could be the case. But when you are buying Viken, you are buying the original. And it's an extremely comfortable original in which to sit!

Designer: Gunilla Norin
Manufacturer: Skargaarden
Dimensions: 18.5'w | 20"d | 37"h | seat height: 18.5"

Construction: All FSC Teak. No screws, frame, or metal rods. Available with or with seat cushions.

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